eyedea studio team

Hello! We are your web team. We love collaboration and share a love of beautifully handcrafted websites designed to be all-inclusive and a pleasure to use.

To give you an idea of who we are – here is a very brief introduction to each one of us. ;)

eyedea team

  • Erika
  • Prisca
  • Keely
  • Laura

We think of Erika as having started her web career at the age of 12 when she was first introduced to Basic – this is when the seeds were sown. She loves frontend development and always finds the right solutions. Her work mainly involves CSS, HTML, PHP and, of course, WordPress.

After over fourteen years of working solo, Prisca is the one who brought us together. She’s our lead for design, development and overall project management and will be your contact throughout the project. She also teaches web design at Greenwich University, including delivering the Applied arts for the web course on the MA programme Web Design & Content Planning.

Keely is our copywriter, editor and proofreader. She makes sure that our communication within the project teams works and is ready and happy to take on any content-related challenges. She helps to put all our ideas and thoughts into words.

Laura’s first passion was photography which she now combines with web design and development. She is a bundle of positive energy – evident in her work which includes editorial and commercial photography, design and CSS, HTML, PHP and, of course, WordPress.

Get in touch! Whether you want to say hello, ask a question or request a project proposal, we look forward to hearing from you.