the brief

We were given the freedom to start fresh with this design -  the new logo and its colours as cornerstones, and the vast product catalogue, the information on available services and related details to be used as the basis to create an entirely new website. Focus was on ease of access to all products, a clear search function and a visually engaging design.

In a highly competitive market, the new Amron website needed to find its own ground, ready to accommodate partners, suppliers and clients alike. Our clients were amazing - ready discuss all aspects to minute detail, bringing forward excellent suggestions, always listening and open to talk. The result of this collaboration is now a site which puts all content on the page, no frills, no distractions - clear information, easy to access with stunning large photos to fit context.

What we did:

  • collaboration on content structure
  • design for interaction and web page layouts
  • production of custom WordPress theme and required admin functions
  • custom admin functions for easy updates of all content types
  • integration of multi-language function