the brief

A new and exciting chapter for the Dancing Man Brewery came with the move to a wonderful historic building, the old Wool House. This building and its newly given purpose were to form the basis for a new design for the website.

Our brief was to create a design which would marry the history with the traditional craft of the brewery and create a site which would both be informative as well as promotional. One part was to pay respect to the history of the Wool House, allow visitors to find out about the significance of this building.  Another part of the site was to promote the micro brewery, share insights from head brewer Aidan about his  brewing process and show information about the restaurant and promote events.

What we did:

  • site planning and content strategy
  • new design for existing website using DMB branding
  • design and production of illustrations, borders and graphic elements
  • design for print (custom templates for menus and vouchers)
  • setup and customisation of WordPress as CMS